Instagram is NOT the best way to reach new audiences in 2023.

 It’s time to take your power back from the algorithm and grow your audience with Profitable Podcast Guesting, the algorithm-free strategy that will get you discovered by thousands of new ideal clients, students, and members every single week!


Instagram is NOT the best way to reach new audiences in 2023.

Soulful service providers: it's time to reclaim your power from the algorithm and scale your audience with Profitable Podcast Guesting, the strategy guaranteed to get you discovered by thousands of new ideal clients every single week!

Discover why podcast guesting is THE most efficient and effective strategy to scale your audience and establish your thought leadership in 2023.

Learn why NOT to start a podcast right now (according to the host of a top 1% business show).

Unlock my 5-step process to booking 1-3 profitable podcast interviews every week for LIFE.


The data doesn’t lie! The stats and trends are all screaming one thing: the podcast space is booming, and every entrepreneur needs to be taking advantage of this incredible visibility strategy before the space gets too crowded. Once you see the wealth of opportunities available to you no matter what stage of business you’re in, you’ll feel ready to start raising your hand for visibility opportunities that’ll let you build next-level trust with hundreds and thousands of new ideal clients for free. It'll NEVER be easier than it is right now to be successful with profitable podcast guesting, and this Masterclass will spell out what's possible for you NOW.


As the host of a global top 1% business podcast, I get a lot of requests for programs about how to start your own podcast. My answer? DON’T. At least, not yet! If you’ve been feeling the call (or the pressure) to start your own podcast, there are a few things you need to understand from someone who’s been there before you make the leap. Most people expect their podcast to be “the thing” that establishes them as the go-to expert in their niche, delivers them client after client on a silver platter, and explodes their revenue, but the numbers tell a different story. I want to save you a whole lot of headache, heart-ache, and money and teach you the more effective and profitable way to leverage the growth happening in the podcasting space to build your legacy, wow new audiences, and drive more revenue into your business… without starting your own show!


This time last year, I was randomly guesting on podcasts whenever I’d get invited by the host. I had ZERO strategy and was haphazardly throwing spaghetti against the wall and, as it turns out, tarnishing my brand as a result. I was having fun being interviewed, but when I took a long, hard look at the return on the investments of time and energy I created from those guest appearances, I was staring at a whole lot of nothing! In the past year, podcast guesting has become my top brand building and revenue driving strategy (yes, it’s replaced Instagram!) Join me as I walk you through the journey from hidden gem to thought leader who gets booked on high quality podcasts every week with a strategy that actually builds my brand and drives revenue into my business. You’ll learn how YOU can start booking 1-3 interviews every single week, even if you don’t have a 6 figure business, 10k Instagram followers, or previous podcasting experience!


Replays will be available until January 15th


“Working with Kelly was the clear blue water I’d been searching for after months of feeling stuck, confused, and drained in business."

Caroline R.

At The End Of This Masterclass...

You’ll feel confident about your ability to create tangible results in your business by guesting on podcasts every single week, whether you’re just launching, gaining traction in your niche, or scaling your business to 6-7 figures. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to start getting discovered by 1k, 10k, or 50k new ideal clients every single week for free.

  • Be among the first wave of entrepreneurs to discover the magic of podcast guesting before the space becomes overcrowded (podcast guesting right now is what TikTok was 3 years ago!)
  • Learn how to leverage the incredible growth happening in the podcasting space to scale your visibility and impact without starting your own show
  • Learn the secrets podcast hosts don’t want you to know, and how you can leverage this intel to get booked every single week
  • Map out your journey from hidden gem to thought leader with my 5 steps to successful (and profitable) podcast guesting
  • You’re sick of relying on Instagram for business growth

    If you’re stressed about sales and the success of your next launch because your Instagram reels and story views are at an all time low, you need to join this event to liberate yourself from algorithm anxiety by getting started with a new, proven strategy.

  •  You’re READY to accept more clients, members, and students

    If you have kickass offers that change lives and you want SO many more people to experience them, but you’re scratching your head wondering where the heck all those people are, this event will open your eyes to an entire new world of opportunity and visibility. If you’re not actually ready for more clients right now, hold off on this strategy until you are!

  • You’re tired of feeling like “just another” coach/strategist/healer/expert

    If you’re ready to stand apart from “all the other” impressive entrepreneurs in your space, stop shouting over the noise to get noticed by clients, and stop the “compare and despair” spiral that leaves you feeling like crap and learn how to place yourself in a category of one, you don’t want to miss this event.

  •  You’ve got an audience who loves you… but isn’t buying

    Social proof is the most powerful way to bring those fence-sitters into “hell yes!” territory, and securing earned media like podcast interviews is the most potent way to tell your warm audience that you’re the one they’ve been searching for all along! If you’re ready for those casual “lurkers” to finally see you as the go-to authority in your niche who’s best equipped to help them create the results they need, this event is going to give you a massive jumpstart.

Podcast Guesting Queen and Host of the Global Top 1% Biz Podcast, The Aligned Success Show

I’ve spent the past decade helping badass businesses make bank: from Fortune 500 powerhouses, to hungry mid-sized startups, to scrappy solopreneurs, and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the podcasting space, both as a host and as a guest.

When I look around the podcasting world, I see a LOT of hungry hosts who are desperate for guests and *not* a lot of experts who know how to position themselves as the perfect person for these incredible opportunities.

I’m here to help you bridge this gap so you can establish your expertise and become THE go-to leader in your niche who gets booked every single week, AND creates incredible ROI from your guesting strategy in the form of new super-fans, warm leads, premium clients, and powerful brand awareness.

I spent 6 months screwing up my own guesting strategy so YOU don’t have to! After lots of trial and error, I’ve created an efficient, profitable strategy that gets me booked on 3-5 high quality podcasts in my niche every week. And for the first time, I’m teaching it to YOU.